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Make 6 second video with Vine app

Vine, a recent addition to the social media sites group is the new talk of social media agencies in town. It is a mobile app that lets its users to shoot, edit and upload video content directly from mobile. It’s the 6 second time limit which teases and challenges the users to come up with creative and entertaining 6 second long, looping videos. Vine has given the video blogging segment a new turn with its 6 second limit.

Vine app was successful in reaching 40 million users within its first 7 months, after its launch on June 2012. Its popularity is because of the fact that it lets the users share anything they see and love instantly with their mobiles. The 6 second limit opens up the doors of possibilities and creativity, resulting the users to upload video with awesome and out of the box concept every day.

After Dunkin Donuts, used a single Vine video as an entire television advertisement, a lot of companies started creating advertisements using Vine app. Gap, Sephora, Burberry, Samsung, French Connection, Puma, Target, Volkswagen, General Electric, Ebay, Lowe’s, Oreo, Dove, Malibu Rum, Etsy are some brands which had nailed the 6 second challenge with wonderful videos. Indian brands like MTV India, Revlon India, Submerge, Global Post India, Rolling Stone India, Vogue India and India Today have tried their hands at Vine app and came up with cool videos. Apart from branding purposes, the six second video can be used for sharing office fun, promote different things, organizing contests and many more.

For example, we have created a Vine video for you The rampwalk – Chic Ladies Sandals


We at LIKED Social Media Agency, are often asked about the Facebook fan base in Kerala, especially Kochi. Data shows that 8 out of every 10 individuals in Cochin have facebook accounts of their own. In fact, on speaking of social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is Facebook. Facebook is enjoying the first position among the social media sites and because of this reason people usually think only about Facebook when we mention social media. Completing a long 10 successful years, there are 1.23 billion Facebook users in the word. And this number is growing up at the rate of 47%.

In India there are a total number of 9 crore people are connected through Facebook. The minimum age of these Facebook users starts from 13 years. To add up this gigantic figure, users of middle age group are joining up Facebook to increase the Facebook mania spree all over the country.

In the case of Kerala, social media sites have got a huge fan base here, with Facebook enjoying the first place. There are 48 lakh active users in Kerala with 71% being male users and the rest being female users. This 9 crore active users are spending about 15 minutes for checking Facebook every day. The true challenge of a brand is to get the attention of the user, make him like and convert that like into sales by influencing the buying decision.

A client asked us, are you doing Facebook advertisements in Ernakulam?

LIKED Social Media Experiments is a social media
agency in Cochin offering various social media services

We usually have clients ask us, “Are you the social media agency in Cochin, who does online promotions?”, “Do you do Facebook page management?”, “Do you guys do blogging?” or “Does your service includes twitter handling and LinkedIn account management?”. Its natural of our clients to ask these questions and we love to answer their queries with a polite smile. First let’s understand what social media site is.

Social media site is a social instrument of communication, conducted through a website giving you the necessary information you need while interacting with you. This interaction can be simple as asking you for comments or letting you vote for your favourite articles etc. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine, Vimeo are all social media sites and the list goes on.

Being a social media agency in Kochi, we offer online branding solutions using social media sites. Our services include Facebook page management, Facebook advertisements, Twitter handle management, LinkedIn account management, Pinterest boards’ management, Google profile management, viral video promotion through YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and many more. We have a dedicated team, ready to provide you with online branding services. Yes, we are the social media agency in Cochin who provides online promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other.